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Daniels & Co.

V.P. of Corporate Development

Responsibilities Include: Working with both public and private companies to explore growth opportunities, cultivate strategic relationships and create business development campaigns. Working as Lead Designer for our Creative Digital Division which specializes in all web technologies, software & mobile programs, still image design and motion video as well as other digital media solutions Managing the Investor Relations Unit for Small and Micro-cap Companies where I'm responsible for: -Creating compelling press releases that detail company progress and highlight strengths behind new products and services -Interviewing CEO's and other C-Level executives for PR content. -Creating and distributing corporate press kits and investor presentations. -Developing relationships with analysts and funds. -Corporate representation at meetings with institutional and individual investors in the Tri-State Area. -Fielding new IR inquiries for companies and distributing requested information to prospective investors. -Writing research reports for distribution to active investors and financial professionals.

Lead Designer + Web Developer

As lead designer + web developer on our project for Charms Investments, Ltd. I created a brand new web presence for the firm and their principals including a responsive website and enhanced social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, About.Me and AngelList. I consulted for Charms as Head of Technology, implementing a new CRM along with the configuration of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for more efficient in-house operations.

The Leviathan Group, Inc.


A Specialized Consulting Firm focusing on: -Digital, brand, and content marketing solutions -Streamlining operations through software and new technology -Corporate structuring and deal funding -Lead generation and conversion -Strategic partnership development -Launching new products/services -Refining sales systems By combining these specialties we are able to establish massive brand awareness, create a more efficient business and make a significant contribution towards increased revenues.